Services and Programs

ENroute Services

Thank you for inquiring about ENroute Services.  We are a specialty pest control company serving residential housing developments.  We work closely with property managers and tenants to achieve the highest level of pest control possible.  Our service personnel have years of expertise in every aspect of insect, rodent, and vertebrate pest control strategies.eliminate bed bugs

Enroute’s state-of-the-art Log Book System keeps track of pest activity, treatments, problem units, sanitary conditions, and all other relevant information having to do with the pest control program.  Even Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are kept inside for quick easy reference.

Variety of Programs

ENroute proudly offers a variety of service programs tailored to the needs of each property.  Integrated Pest Management and rodent abatement are available.  Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service programs are also available.  Whatever the need, ENroute has a program that’s right for your property.

Whether the property is located in the city, or  in the suburbs, ENroute delivers quality service throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Quality Service, Cost-Effective Programs

Quality and affordability are the hallmark of our service.  Our clients expect quality and value, but many new clients are surprised to find out how affordable our solutions really are.

Because all properties are different, we perform an initial assessment to determine the needs of the property.  These assessments are completely free, but extremely important to verify the level and type of service proposed.

Simply compare our program to any other qualified professional pest management program.  You’ll see the difference from the very beginning: detailed inspection reports, sanitary and structural recommendations, and state-of-the-art pest control treatments.

At ENroute, we believe property managers need to understand the details of the programs we recommend and implement.

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